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Adding Depth and Texture to Your Coloring and Essentials by Ellen Mondo Amaryllis

Watercolor Galaxy Background and Essentials by Ellen Space Out

Watercolor galaxy backgrounds have never been so fun, and pairing them with the Space Out by Brandi Kinkaid Essentials by Ellen stamp set is the best! I know, I will probably be saying this quite often for a while, but thank you Ellen for this fun set!  When she came to visit she brought me so many things to play with. Thank you!
Here is a video of how I made this card.

1.  Use whatever watercolor powder you have. I have Brusho, but I have seen Color Burst with Ken Oliver and if I had them I am sure I would have a lot of fun with them as well. Shimmerz is also on my wish list to try using this technique.
2. I find that the key to the outcome is using a fine mist spray bottle that doesn't put out too much water at once.  I use the Stampin' Spritzer.  I have found I douse my page with too much water using my Ranger Distress Sprayer.
3. Tape your watercolor paper to a firm surface on all sides because it will be bulging, because you use a lot of water.
4. Test the direction that the spray comes out of your water mister on your hand and direct the spray to the exact point you need it.
5. Start with a light layer of mist all over and then start tapping on small amounts of watercolor powder in a pattern that you think suites your background. Mist lightly as you go, so you can tell where you need to add powder.  Take your time and let the water break down the powder.  It is easy to over water your project.
5. You can either dry it with a heat gun or let it dry on it's own.  I like the wispiness it adds when you use a heat gun. And sometimes I use the heat gun to push some water off my paper.
6. If needed I add extra layers of Brusho after drying each layer.
 I am so happy to be joining the Watercooler Wednesday Challenge today. Go check them out.
I hope you go play and have fun making some cards today!

Watercolor Paper
Space Out by Brandi Kinkaid Essentials by Ellen 
Moonstone Nuvo Glimmer Paste
Nuvo Spatula
Copic Y02
Copic Y38
Copic YR04
Copic YG00
Copic YG23
Copic YG17
Copic B05
Copic B37
Copic B79
Copic B34
Copic T1

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  1. What a great card, your coloring is wonderful! Thanks for joining us at Watercooler Wednesday Challenges!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Kath, and the opportunity to share my card!


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